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The Pasticceria Vigoni has operated in the high-end pastry industry since 1878 and is the oldest pastry shop in Pavia.

Over the years, our working techniques have adapted to the passing of the time and new regulations, but our commitment to high standards still drives our working methods. Our focus on quality starts from careful selection of raw ingredients, best quality natural products, which are used by our pastry chefs that have received a long period of training within a Vigoni workshop, where we share the knowledge that we have accumulated over a century of work.

The Pasticceria Vigoni, especially famous for creating the Torta Paradiso (Paradise Cake), offers all kinds of confectionery, from chocolate to ice cream, with a priority on the products that are made in-house over those produced by third parties.

The Pasticceria Vigoni currently has two shops in Pavia; the main shop is a historic Italian building and is recognized as an important location in the Lombardy region.

Enrico Vigoni s.r.l.
P. IVA: 00165300187
Registro Imprese di Pavia
Capitale Sociale 20.800 € i.v.
Sede legale: Strada Nuova, 110
27100 Pavia

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