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Fresh pastries: butter and sugar are the key words when it comes to shortcrust pastry and puff pastry. These are the basis for fruit shortbreads, pastry fans, cream horns, millefoglie pastries, apple charlottes, apple strudel, African biscuits, chocolate flames, cream puffs, meringues and cannoli with whipped cream and all cakes, glazed or not.

Leavened pastry: leavened pastry has a primary role in our production. We offer traditional Italian celebratory products such as panettone, colomba and veneziane for festivities. A typical product of Pavia and produced exclusively by Vigoni is the Colomba di Alboino®, a dessert made with leavened pastry produced at Easter in the old-fashioned method, with no mould so that the leavening happens horizontally not vertically.

Let’s not forget the Visconteo, another traditional dessert typical of Pavia, made with candied apricot, which release their perfume within the leavened pastry, and finished with a sugar glaze on top.

Brioches: why not start your morning with a tasty brioche and cappuccino? The Pasticceria Vigoni boasts a production of 10 different kinds of brioche: empty brioches, with jam, with chocolate, with custard, with cooked cream, French brioches, whole-wheat brioches, krantz, veneziane and batons of leavened pastry.

Chocolate: a passion for chocolate is very common and the Pasticceria Vigoni seeks to satisfy everybody. For many years now, we have produced slabs of chocolate, praline, chocolate sculptures, hollow bodies and chocolate Easter eggs here in our workshops.

Patisserie: Lady’s Kisses are one of our specialities, but we mustn’t overlook the Krumiri biscuits, shortbread, ‘brutti ma buoni’ biscuits, ovis biscuits and everything for afternoon tea.

Savoury pastries: savoury pastries are also part of the Vigoni product range, as is traditional for high-end pastry shops. For aperitif or just a quick snack, we offer our customers mixed mini pastries, mini puff-pastry pizzas, leavened pizzas, quiche and filled brioches.

Cold pastries: our range of fresh pastries also includes mousses, ice-cream cakes, profiteroles and tiramisu.

Ice cream: all year round the Pasticceria Vigoni offers its customers typical ice cream, thick and creamy and strictly produced with fresh products (milk, eggs, fruit, chocolate). In addition to the classic flavours of hazelnut, custard, stracciatella, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, lemon and melon, customers can also try Paradise Cake ice cream.

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